3 Reasons Customers Unsubscribe from Email Lists and How FetchRev Can Help


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Nobody likes to say goodbye, but are your emails making it simple for subscribers to bid you adieu? Customers unsubscribe from email lists for a variety of reasons—and remember, many are not personal—but if you’re seeing your numbers drop off, it could be time to consider making a few changes to your email marketing strategy. Strap in as we go into depth and take a look at three reasons why people unsubscribe from email lists, and how properly utilizing FetchRev can prevent this from happening.

Dial Down Your Frequency

Finding the balance between emailing too much and emailing too little is a classic marketer’s plight. Over-mail, and you risk losing readers, either via the unsubscribe button—or by simply tuning out your message. Send too infrequently, however, and customers begin to forget you exist.

At FetchRev, we recommend scheduling an email every other week, not including automated campaigns running in the background.This helps to keep messaging spread out,” says Customer Success Manager, Stephanie. “On the FetchRev success plan, we focus on creating two stellar campaigns every month. This goes a lot farther than sending a larger number of lower quality emails.

Practice Quality Control

We understand that not everyone is a professional writer or designer with a bevy of software at their disposal. That said, a little bit of proofreading goes a long way when working to gain the trust of your recipients. Emails that look messy, sound unprofessional, or contain mistakes are grounds for unsubscribing.

Step into your readers’ shoes when sitting down to create a campaign. Is the type large enough to read? Is the promotion clear and concise? Could the copy or imagery possibly be viewed as insensitive or offensive? Once you’ve given the campaign your best effort, get a second set of eyes to read for any errors in spelling or grammar.

Looking for more creative support with your emails? FetchRev crafts copy that converts and eye-catching custom designs for businesses across a vast range of industries.

 A Personal Touch 

Like skipping to the next song, email recipients unsubscribe from lists when content just doesn’t hit the right notes. The best-performing emails are the ones that speak directly to customer preferences and behaviors, and getting in tune with your target audience is the golden ticket to avoiding unsubscribers.

Learn as much as you can about the demographics of your customers, as well as their purchasing behavior. Segment your email list if necessary so that campaigns can be tailored to certain groups of people. Want to get customers back in the door for a massage when they haven’t visited in six months? Run a campaign specifically targeted to these people. Looking to book more birthday parties at your bowling alley? Send an offer only to the segment of your email list with young children.

FetchRev is committed to your success—and an engaged email list is key to a steady stream of online revenue. Keep these tips in your back pocket, and ensure that your email recipients are in it for the long haul.

Vanessa Demske & Devin Pangaro
The FetchRev Creative Team

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