3 Ways to Drive Customer Referrals to Your Small Business


You’ve got a friend in me.

From narrowing down the choice of which movie to see on a rain-soaked Saturday to acquiring assistance on cherry-picking the perfect appetizer before a big meal, we tend to resort to the recommendations of friends whenever we need a helping hand. When it comes to maximizing the potential of your campaign’s success, referral marketing can play a major part by infiltrating inside circles and influencing potential buyers on the strength of word-of-mouth. Let’s take a deep dive into what you could be doing to deliver your sales and services on an even greater scale.

Move the Needle with a Newsletter, Buy Now or Claimable Coupon

Do you currently offer a referral or loyalty program? If so, the correct FetchRev campaign can be a catalyst for providing a gentle push to your clientele to share your services with friends and family for special savings and rewarding incentives. Creating an inclusive invitation to team up for a treat creates a sense of community and combined with a clear call to action can initiate excitement through a shared experience.

Do Your Share on Social Media

It’s 2017, and “word of mouth” has fast become “word of keyboard.” Your customers aren’t just chit-chatting about their favorite place to get a pedicure over brunch. They’re posting about it to their extensive social circles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Establishing a business presence on each major platform is a requisite—and encouraging customers to check-in, tag your business in photos, or use your company’s specific hashtag is an excellent way to get the conversation started.

Let Your Reputation Speak for Itself

Despite marketers’ most earnest efforts, the truth is that reputation speaks louder than any promotion or campaign. A 2014 consumer survey by BrightLocal revealed that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Your customers’ referrals will be doing their research before paying you a visit, so set your sights on improving your rating on Yelp and Google. FetchRev automatically sends a review generator shortly after an offer has been claimed, as to keep the experience fresh in your customer’s mind. After a few campaigns, your Yelp page will be “seeing stars.”

Devin Pangaro, FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager 

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