5 Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Next Campaign


The difference is in the details


While not everyone can be a copy casting wizard of wordsmithery, absolutely anyone can channel their inner writing talent and craft a consumer pleasing campaign that produces positive results. Tapping into FetchRev’s big book of best practices, let’s take a look at five tips that will bring your next offer to life.

1. Stick to the Structure

Keep it simple. While the temptation to crank out the content may be strong, resist the urge to stock your campaign with a stream-of-thought strike on your consumer’s senses.  Web-based and mobile consumers are scanners by nature, so keep your great aspirations for authoring the great American novel contained for another day. Generally speaking, keeping the opening grabber to a strict two to three sentence format provides the perfect introduction to the lifeblood of your campaign – the purchasable or claimable offer. Firmly indented and bolded, the offer should stick out and command your consumer’s attention from the get-go. Directly below the offer should be a solid description of the service or treatment, describing exactly what the offer entails and what the consumer can expect before they decide to make the purchase.


 2. Speak their Language

Nobody knows your clients better than you. So embrace that. Build on a sense of community and speak to them, because ultimately you share a unique connection that beckons for their business. Respect that time is valuable and intelligence is routinely underestimated in the world of advertisement today and reflect that in your copy. Utilize the grabber to guide your consumer on a clear path to purchase through the use of relatable, grammatically-correct copy true to your brand standards.

3. A Way with Words

While your image and headline may initially provide the attraction, compelling copy amplifies every detail of your campaign and works as a conductor of catchiness and creativity that’s impossible to ignore. The use of alliteration for example is a tried and true technique for crafting copy that sounds smooth and creates a memorable result that illustrates important aspects with vivid imagery. While your style is you own, enticing your clients with the subtle beauty of enchanting wordplay is wonderful place to discover what a difference the right words can make.

4. Check Yourself: Spelling and Grammar

According to RealBusiness.com59% of consumers actively avoid doing business with a company guilty of making obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes. While no one is perfect, and auto-correct cultivating spell-check features are only capable of so much, there’s absolutely no harm that can come from double or triple-checking your copy before you send a campaign out. Increase the trust and validity in your business by at least conducting a simple readthrough of your offer or pass it along to a trusted peer for a second opinion.

5. Power Up 

Utilizing words that make an impact is a full-scale strategy to creating a sense of urgency or transparently expressing the exclusivity of a special offer. Examples of this are vast and plentiful, but include words and phrases such as Limited Time, Exclusive, and Just for You.

Devin Pangaro, FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager

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