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We Make Email and Birthday Collection Effortless

Collect Emails
With Website Popups

Get Birthdays
With Point of Sale Kiosks

Gather Emails
With Wireless Access Points

Convert Website Visitors, Monetize Web Traffic

Give visitors to your website the chance to claim a coupon or join your birthday club with our turnkey website popup. They’ll be itching to visit your center, redeem the coupon and spend even more money on their next visit.

More Birthdays, More Parties

Birthday parties should be your biggest lead source. By adding one of our birthday-collector kiosks to each of your party rooms, you will be overflowing with juicy party leads in no time. But why stop there? Add our standing or counter kiosks wherever your customers mill about to take advantage of their idleness.

Give Wifi, Get Emails

Offering free wi-fi to your customers is essential in today’s socially connected world. Our plug & play wireless access points require your customers to add their email address first, before they get online to share all those great pics on Instagram.


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