Creating a Best-In-Class Graduation Campaign


Oh, the places you’ll go.

As the Class of 2017 collectively turn their tassels to the left, small businesses have an opportunity to capitalize on a major gift-giving occasion. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person in the market for a graduation gift will spend $106.45, a spending trend that continues to move to the top of the class. While monetary gifts still reign supreme, there remains an opportunity for local merchants to get creative and prosper with targeted offerings. Don’t let graduation season pass your business by—follow our advice and master the ceremonies.

Gifts that Scream Grad

Take a ride in the wayback machine and travel back to your high school or college graduation day. What are some of the things you wish you had entering college or the workforce for the first time? Now, think about how the products and services your business offers can fill that need. A spa package is spot-on for a stressed-out senior, a high-end haircut is ideal for a college grad heading to their first internship, and a day at the go-kart track could be exactly what a newly-minted alum needs to blow off steam before the summer. Once you’ve settled on what you’re offering, be sure to craft your copy carefully so that you frame the product or service as the perfect gift for graduates.

The Host with the Most

Make your business the premier alternative to hosting Junior’s graduation party in the backyard. If you’re already set up for birthday parties and corporate events, why not promote your venue as the prime place for graduation celebrations? Plan a package deal that includes the location and the essentials for a certain number of guests, then offer a discount for parents of graduates. Ideal for family entertainment centers, leveraging what makes your business great for group gatherings is the go-to strategy for getting the gang all there.

It’s All in the Cards

Gift cards are always a big hit because they provide an alternative to cash and grant recipients the freedom of choice to shop for what they want. In fact, 31 percent of graduation shoppers gave gift cards in 2016. FetchRev’s platform makes it easy to create a gift card or certificate campaign, either at a discount or regular price. Want to take it up a notch? Add graduation-specific messaging to the physical gift certificates you’re selling, in addition to the copy in your email offer. If it’s been awhile since you’ve donned a cap and gown and if you need a little creative inspiration, we suggest firing up YouTube for this inspiring favorite from the great, Baz Lurhmann.


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