Deals for Dad—How to Drive Results with a Father’s Day Campaign


Man of the Hour

A pillar of strength. A wizard of wisdom. A walking, talking compendium of ill-timed jokes and questionable fashion choices. No matter how you wish to describe the paternal figure in your life, a father is nothing short of the standard for what we consider a real man. Quite, simply he’s our hero and our life’s greatest champion. With that said, paying a proper tribute to the man who paved the way for our rites of passage can be a difficult task. With more and more consumers looking past the traditional ties and tools, the holiday has never been as open as it is today for challenging of the status quo. In true dad fashion, let’s take a look at how a little creativity can lead to the creation of an engaging—and profitable—Father’s Day gifting campaign.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve struggled year in and year our to find a non-gimmicky gift to buy your father (no, that King of the Grill apron wasn’t as hilarious as you thought it was). When planning your Father’s Day campaign, consider options that will spark your customers imaginations. A relaxing spa package like a massage and men’s facial does wonders for hard-working dads, an afternoon at the paintball field is premier bonding time for fathers and their families, and what car-loving man can resist a wash and detail package? According to, Father’s Day spending reached a record high of $14.3 billion in 2016 with consumers expecting to open their wallets to an average of $125.92 spent on dear old dad. What this dad data makes clear is that consumers are ready and willing to buy now more than ever, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the action!

A Discount Even Dad Will Love

From extending us an allowance to helping us open our first bank account and explaining how to balance a budget, finances are a father’s forte. Putting your popular services on sale ahead of the holiday create a course for consumers to make a purchase that normally wouldn’t catch their eye. As we’ve covered in the past, decide on a discount that you’re comfortable with as a business owner but be sure it’s a savings of at least 20% off to avoid your clients skipping straight past your offer in favor of more appealing holiday deductions. Remember, they’ll likely be inundated with special offers as Father’s Day approaches so everything you can control from the pricing to the subject line is crucial for your success.

The Tick-Tock of Father Time

Maybe you didn’t inherit Dad’s stellar sense of timing, but with a little bit of planning you can take your best shot at success by making sure your Father’s Day campaign launches roughly two weeks before the big day. With June 18th just around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to create a campaign that creates a sense of urgency for your clients to jump on a deal for dad. Scheduling your offer is key—for best results, send your campaign a week before the holiday for early birds, then follow up with a last-chance offer for those who waited until the eleventh hour.

Devin Pangaro
FetchRev Senior Digital Content Manager 

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