Extreme Makeover: Marketing Edition


Zero to hero.

Chess club champion gets a haircut and a lesson in style and is voted prom king. Run-down old ranch is revamped with fresh appliances and becomes the place a struggling family of five can call home. Out-of-touch CEO spends time with the blue collar workers in his company and learns a lesson in generosity. It’s clear by our preferences in “guilty pleasure” television: Americans love a good story of transformation.

So how, you ask, can you give your small business marketing strategy a makeover that makes a real difference, minus the camera crew and tear-jerking montages? Follow these three simple tips to take your branding from meek to memorable—and your profits from mediocre to magnificent.

1. Connect with the Customers

Nobody knows your audience better than you: their buying patterns, the services they like most, and what makes them tick. You speak their language–but is something getting lost in translation? First of all, be sure that you’re sending marketing messages at a frequency that isn’t too aggressive, but doesn’t make it seem like you’ve gone MIA either. While there’s no gold standard in terms of how often to email your list, we recommend not sending more than one campaign per week. Next, keep your content relevant. A recent survey of email unsubscribers cited email topics that didn’t apply to their interests as the reason for 56% of opt-outs. Finally, find a tone that is persuasive without being pushy–after all, nobody likes to be pleaded into making a purchase.

2. Consistency is Key

As exciting as it may be to test out a flashy new color scheme in each email you send out, the most successful brands keep a constant look and feel throughout all their marketing channels to earn and keep the trust of customers. Your audience needs to feel assured that the business they’re spending their hard-earned money with is who they say they are. Invest in a high-quality logo—get a pro-quality image for cheap on 99 Designs or create your own on Logo Garden—and stick to a simple, memorable color palette (we like colourlovers.com to help us coordinate). Be sure that this branding appears on all of your materials, from your website to your emails to your Facebook page.

Logo created on Logo Garden

3. The Difference is in the Details

Want to lure visitors away from the trampoline park, med spa, or bowling alley down the street and through your doors? You don’t win by playing your competitors’ game—you succeed by creating a whole new set of rules. Spend time with your team and your FetchRev marketing expert to brainstorm innovative campaign ideas. And while there’s nothing wrong with taking a peek at your competitors’ social media pages or subscribing to their newsletters, don’t emulate, borrow, or steal. There’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation, and the best-performing campaigns are the ones that make recipients stop and think, “I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I have to give it a try.”

Vanessa Demske & Devin Pangaro
FetchRev Digital Marketing Team

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