A Heart to Heart on Valentine’s Day Campaigns


So much better when we’re together.

Love is in the air—and finding the perfect gift to show how much they care is square on the minds of your customers. In 2016, the average American spent $146.84 on Valentine’s Day, from dozen-rose bouquets and singing teddy bears to tandem treats like couples’ massages (and even paintball games) star-crossed sweethearts just couldn’t wait to make the most out of the holiday. If your local business wants to feel the love on February 14th, it’s time to think outside the box of chocolates and create an email campaign that your customers can’t help but fall head over heels for.

Creating a Sweet Special Offer

More than likely, your customer base is going to be bombarded with emails leading up to Valentine’s Day, so make sure your offer is impossible to ignore. Set a moderate price point, but keep in mind that most customers are willing to part with around $100 on average for a gift. Additionally, including the word “free” in your offer’s title increases conversions exponentially, so consider adding something complimentary to your campaign, such as a free glass of champagne (21+) with the purchase of a spa package.

Something for Everyone

Valentine’s Day may lend itself to traditional gifts, such as flowers, candy, spa days, and dining, but that doesn’t mean your unique business can’t craft an attention-grabbing offer for consumers looking to buck the trend. Tailor your special to your most popular services and discover what a difference something different can make in the eyes of your valued clients.

Here’s some ideas for alternative businesses:

• Trampoline Park | Love is in the Air: 2-for-1 Jump Passes
• Laser Tag | Love at First Zap: $20 for Two Games
• Paintball | Love & Paintball: 100 Free Paintballs for Play on Feb 14th


Timing is Everything

For many of us, Valentine’s Day can start with the best intentions and quickly turn tricky due to overcrowded activities and overwhelming expectations. From overbooked restaurants to movies theaters filled to the brim, the holiday of hearts isn’t so kind to those who wait until the last minute to make arrangements. As a result, many consumers have resorted to smartly staying one step ahead by simply planning days or even weeks in advance to purchase their gifts and secure special plans. As a business owner, following suit means sending an offer out before it’s too close to Valentine’s Day to properly execute potentially one of your most crucial campaigns of the calendar year.

– Devin Pangaro and Vanessa Demske, FetchRev Digital Marketing Team

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