How to Optimize Your Checkout Process to Get the Sale


It’s one thing to get a customer to your website – it’s another thing to convert them.

It turns out that you can have millions of views, millions of clicks and spend millions of dollars on advertising and consultants – but if you’re checkout process is faulty and confusing, you can still lose the sale at the end of the day.

So what can you do to get that sale at the end of the road?

How to Optimize Your Checkout Process to Get the Sale

1. Don’t ask for more information than you really need.

Because today’s online shopper has such a short attention span, it’s important to convert them efficiently and effectively before they have a chance to get distracted and leave your page.

If you ask for 10 different pieces of information that would be helpful but aren’t really necessary suddenly your customer is tasked with a lot of work. They have to consider whether or not they’re really comfortable giving you their address or their home phone number. This is especially important if you’re trying to convert new customers who are less familiar with your business and the most at risk to abandon the sale if you’re too invasive.

2. Don’t require a custom login and password for your site.

If I had a dollar for every website I ditched because they required me to create a login and password…well, I’d have a lot of dollars.

While it might be easier and more beneficial for the business to have their own registration system, it’s 10x harder for the customer. Not only do I have to take the time to fill out a registration form, but I also have to remember my information every time I want to get back in touch.

If I’m visiting the business for the first time and don’t have much loyalty, I’m much more likely to just try and find another similar business that is easier to work with.

Keeping the barriers to purchasing low by only asking for a name, email and credit card information is an effective way to make sure you don’t lose that sale.

3. Have an online purchasing and/or booking system.

I’ve been due for a dentist appointment for almost 3 months now. Strangely enough, I really enjoy going to the dentist. But I haven’t made an appointment because I’d have to call to book it.

I know, I know this sounds pretty silly. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist because I have to get on the phone and talk to someone. But I’m always busy during their working hours and in this day and age of digital everything, I’m much more comfortable making arrangements over the internet than I am in person.

Many of today’s savvy shoppers have the same mentality – calling someone runs the risk of taking a lot more time and effort. What if they’re not there and you have to call back again later? What if you spend those 15 minutes calling only to find out they don’t have what you’re looking for?

Checking out someone’s website or online booking system, however, can take less than 5 minutes. And if I like what I see and they have a way for me to take the next steps right there, I certainly won’t hesitate to do so.

Nobody wants to invest time and money into their marketing efforts only to watch the fruits of their labor disappear. This is why it’s so critically important to be aware of your business from the point of view of the customer. You can have the best products or services in the world but if the experience isn’t enjoyable and effortless, if they have to exert more effort than necessary to get to those products and services, than there’s a good chance they’ll leave without a second thought.

Your customers are constantly asking themselves, “Is this worth my time? Will this solve the problem I have before me?” In today’s world of hyper-competitive business, you can’t afford to give them a reason to say no.



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