How to Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors


Modern companies realize they have new ways to get product and company information out there. One of these is through using brand ambassadors, a relatively new practice that is transforming how marketing is done in many industries. This type of innovation is also helping small businesses that don’t have a lot of marketing firepower or tons of money to spend on traditional advertising.

What Are Brand Ambassadors?

Simply put, a brand ambassador advocates for a company and its products or services. A brand ambassador spreads the word about a company, either on the street, through social media and in their other public dealings. These individuals typically get inspired to do this because of their positive experience with the company.

How To Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Employees of a company can be great assets in terms of getting the word out about what a company offers. Here are some ways to use them to spread the word.

1.  Increase awareness of the band — employees can spread the word on social media or go to public events to get information out about a company or a new project

2.  Improving brand position in search engine results — through utilizing in-house employees on SEO campaigns or other content campaigns, and by creating organic content, the company can start to rank better on Google

3.  Improving the brand’s ability to hire the best job candidates — as employees continue to experience positive communications about the company, the internal culture becomes better, and it gets easier to attract good talent to the company

4.  Employees recognized as thought leaders — by participating in industry events and venues, employees can create more organic value for marketing departments, decreasing the money that companies have to spend on outside campaigns

Techniques for Brand Ambassador Campaigns

1.  Utilize social media — have a social media policy and encourage employees to use social media to the advantage of the business

2.  Involve employees in marketing — share campaign ideas with employees and get feedback

3.  Sharing photos — allow employees to share photos of what’s going on at a company

4.  Get creative employee ideas for communications — employees can help out on things like newsletters

5.  Create a twitter-sphere — encourage employees to post on twitter throughout the work day

All of these brand ambassador projects can help a company to branch out with less marketing investment. Using in-house resources like your employees as part of your small business marketing plan not only helps save you money, but it also means a more authentic and interactive world for shoppers and consumers.

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