New Customers: You Want Them, We Got Them!


What business wouldn’t want to bring in new customers while maintaining their current customer base? Are you struggling to find ways to bring in the new, while keeping the old satisfied?

Here are some tried and true tips to help you reach across all different shapes and sizes of customers; keeping your existing customers satisfied, and attracting new customers to what your business has to offer.

1. Call your local business magazine or business section in the newspaper and get them to write a feature article on anything newsworthy about your business. This will put you directly in the public eye and can potentially attract a large audience.

2. Issue press releases. Public announcements to draw attention to your business.

3. Offer rewards to existing customers for bringing in new clients. Motivate your existing customers with these rewards as incentive to refer friends and family to your business.

4. Extend special pricing for groups and charities. This could potentially lead to these groups referring others in their organizations to use your business.

5. Become a member of major associations pertaining to your industry. Place their logos on your website, quote forms, and invoices.

6. Gather and use testimonials. Use testimonials in your monthly newsletter, your website, and visible on the walls of your business.

7. Dazzle and delight clients; boost your reputation!

8. Get on the radio and any blogs relating to your industry. Spread the word about YOU!

Use this list to stimulate your imagination and create your own ways to bring in the customers your business so surely deserves.

Here at LocBox, we strive to help your business keep your customers happy and want you to keep new customers coming in always. What other tips does your business have that has helped bring in clients? How has your business maintained your existing client base; how have they been kept happy? We’d love to hear from you!

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