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  • LocBox Expands SAAS Marketing Platform To Help Local Businesses Acquire New Customers Through Facebook Ads & Google Adwords April, 2015

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA​­­ — LocBox is announcing new multi­channel advertising capabilities built exclusively for local businesses with a storefront presence. LocBox is the only p​roduct in its market that combines the power of advanced Marketing Automation with the ability to get new customers using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords ­ all from one universal dashboard. Read More

  • LocBox Expands Its Local Business Marketing Tools With Support For Facebook And Google Ads April, 2015

    It’s been more than two years since I wrote about marketing startup LocBox, but co-founder and CEO Saumil Mehta told me that the company has been busy — it’s now up to 600 customers and is growing between 7 and 10 percent each month… Read More

  • LocBox Announces Spa Marketing Advisory Board December, 2014

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — LocBox, the leading online marketing platform for the spa and salon industry, is pleased to announce the formation of their new Spa Marketing Advisory Board whose mission is to work with the LocBox management team to optimize the value and benefits spa owners gain from the innovation and performance advantage of the LocBox offering… Read More

  • Marketing Off-load, a feature in Day Spa Magazine November, 2014

    You’re savvy and skilled when it comes to skin care and everything beauty industry related. But when it comes to coding a website, understanding Search Engine Optimization and perfecting your social media strategy, you may not necessarily be an expert. That’s where LocBox aims to help. An online marketing platform designed to offload the headaches of web branding, LocBox combines creative services and technology to digitally boost your business… Read More

  • Local Businesses Are Your Friends … And Customers September, 2014

    Many of us in the “startup world” lump small-to-medium sized businesses and local businesses into a singular market, ready to be automated and conquered. In reality, SMBs and local businesses make up a promising but highly diverse market of customers — not archaic competitors — that most startups haven’t even begun to tap into… Read More

  • LocBox Selected as Winning Marketing Solution for Client Habitude Salon & Spa in Salon Today September, 2014

    For 2014, Habitude’s marketing strategy focused on weaning guests away from deep discounting marketing sites like Groupon and Living Social. “We wanted to eliminate the high commissions and be able to customize the little details, like offer a deal only Monday through Friday, for our own needs,” Gray says… Read More

  • Online Marketing Innovator LocBox Develops New Tools & Resources for Spa & Salon Market August, 2014

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — LocBox, the leading online marketing platform targeting the spa and salon industry, is pleased to introduce new tools and resources to help spa and salon owners thrive and grow their business while saving them time and money. Online marketing is constantly changing and it’s a challenge to stay atop the latest platforms and changes. Having helped hundreds of spas and salons succeed online, LocBox developed the New ERA of Performance Marketing… Read More

  • 5 All-In-One Automation Platforms for SMBs January, 2014

    Marketing automation platforms have long been considered a driving force behind the success of large companies, with 79% of “top performing” companies saying they’ve used marketing automation tools for more than two years. Now, hyperlocal vendors have set their sights on the SMB market, developing customized marketing automation tools to fit the unique needs of small business owners. Read More

  • Information Overload January, 2014

    In our digital age, when spas face heightening competition and price erosion, information management isn’t just the mere act of collecting names, email addresses, and credit card numbers. It’s critical to a spa’s success, as it can streamline your business, save you money, and help you gain and retain customers. Read More

  • Facebook Features LocBox in Case Study June, 2013

    LocBox was recently featured as a Facebook success story for driving a 59x return for Happy Head Massage, a 3-location San Diego health spa… Read More

  • LocBox nabs $5.1 million Series A to run local marketing campaigns October, 2012

    For local barbers or tattoo artists, launching an advertising campaign on Facebook or Twitter might not come easily. LocBox, a Bay-area startup that came out of AngelPad’s winter 2011 class, has raised $5.1 million to build large-scale marketing campaigns for small-scale businesses… Read More

  • LocBox Raises $5.1M From InterWest, Google Ventures, Others To Help Local Businesses Master Online Deals And Marketing October, 2012

    It seems like there are an infinite number of marketing tools competing for local businesses’ attention nowadays. An AngelPad-incubated startup called LocBox helps those businesses manage their efforts in a way that’s focused on acquiring customers and driving revenue — and it just raised $5.1 million in Series A funding… Read More

  • Daily Deals Alternative LocBox Raises $5.1 Million in First Round October, 2012

    San Francisco-based LocBox, which is developing a way to help local businesses retain and attract new customers, has raised $5.1 million in a first round of funding. Investors in the round include InterWest Partners, Google Ventures and 500Startups… Read More

  • LocBox Raises $5.1 Million Series A From InterWest Partners, Accel Partners, Google Ventures And 500 Startups October, 2012

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — LocBox, an AngelPad-funded San Francisco startup focused on helping local businesses retain and acquire customers, has raised $5.1 million in Series A funding from InterWest Partners, Accel Partners, Google Ventures and 500Startups, with additional participation from current and former Google, Amazon and LinkedIn executives.

    The new funding round will be used to accelerate product development and customer acquisition. Keval Desai, formerly a Google Product Director and now Partner at InterWest Partners, will join LocBox’s Board of Directors… Read More

  • LocBox lands $5.1 million in funds from Google, others October, 2012

    LocBox, a venture-backed marketing startup aimed at helping local businesses increase foot traffic and revenue, has raised a $5.1 million Series A round of funding from investors including InterWest Partners, Accel Partners, Google Ventures and 500 Startups… Read More

  • LocBox pulls in $5.1M to put the nail in the daily deals coffin October, 2012

    LocBox wants to be the alternative to Groupon, Living Social and the host of flash sales sites, and has raised over $5 million in its quest to win over small businesses. The San Francisco-based startup helps businesses run marketing campaigns… Read More