On the Road with FetchRev: East Coast Bowling Centers Convention in Pocono Manor, PA


Right up our alley.

Why do we love bowling so much? It’s certainly not because anyone in the office has bowled a perfect game—in fact, most of us bust a move and burst into our best “Carlton” dance after merely breaking 100. Maybe it’s because a pin party for a birthday or a date night at the lanes brings back nostalgic feelings from our youth, or reminds us of beloved characters like Fred Flintstone and Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, or offers something for everyone from the pizza fanatic to the pinball wizard. Whatever the reason, we love playing the role of both the marketing experts and the target audience because it helps bring even more heart into our work.

Coming up this week, from October 25th through 27the, FetchRev will be striking out to share our software and services at the East Coast Bowling Centers Convention at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania. Bringing the heat live and in person to booth 60/61 will be FetchRev CEO Brandon Willey and Senior Account Executives Mike Carrillo and Phillip McSween.

Best of all, book a show demo with Mike to see how our automated FetchRev customer retention software effortlessly drives return foot traffic to your center and receive $300 off.  Click here to get the ball rolling.

East Coast Bowling Centers Convention
October 25th-27th
Kalahari Resort & Convention Center
250 Kalahari Blvd, Pocono Manor, PA 18349

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