Why Is My Spa Business Failing? Hint: It’s Your Website


No matter what the benefits of your spa, people may be reluctant to visit it if they don’t know that your local business provides a great experience and is worth the money. A website can help you attract your desired clientele, but posting attractive pictures of your spa on the home page is not enough by itself to get people to sign up. You also need to fill your site with the right content to show that you are different from and better than the other spas in your neighborhood and to get people excited about your local business. Below is a guide to creating content for your website that will engage potential customers and convince them to try your spa.

Make Your Purpose Clear

Your local business competes with other spas in your area, and many of those spas cater to particular types of clients or offer specific services. To attract your target market, you need to make it clear exactly what your spa does and explain why you’re better than the competition.

One of the best ways to do this is to create an “About Us” page that begins with a mission statement. For example, if your ideal customer is a working mother who needs a day or two to herself every now and then, you might start your mission statement by explaining that you understand that working mothers rarely have the time to themselves. An additional sentence might mention that you know they need to regroup occasionally to be their best for both their children and their bosses. Your spa exists to give them a relaxing experience within the limited time they have for themselves.

Provide Background Information

People are often skeptical of online information, especially about spas or other local businesses that make health and wellness claims. Provide background information to show people that your business is legitimate, and that there are real benefits to using it.

Background info doesn’t have to be dry or boring. If you tell the story behind the opening of your spa and explain how your business helps your target clientele, you’ll get people’s attention and raise your credibility in their eyes.

Don’t Forget to Emphasize Uniqueness

The experience customers receive at your spa is unlike any other experience they’ll ever have. Don’t be afraid to mention any unique points about your local business and explain the benefits you provide that nobody else can. Many people aren’t familiar with the spa industry or what a day at the spa can do for them, so emphasizing the unique benefits you offer will help them understand the value of a spa visit.

Be Yourself

Some local businesses often slip into sales-focused marketing personas on their websites. Don’t make this mistake! If you want potential customers to visit your spa and become paying customers, they have to get to know you and your brand. When you let your personality shine throughout your site, customers will associate that personality with your brand. Those customers who mesh well with your brand’s personality will be eager to sign up once they get to know you.

The spa business is incredibly competitive, even more so than other local businesses. People have choices about what spa to use or whether to use any spa at all. It’s important to build relationships, gain customers’ trust and differentiate your spa from your competitors. The guidelines above can help you do just that. The more you show customers who you really are and that you care about them, the more eager they will be to check out your spa and sign up for services.

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