Winning Customers Back, One Campaign at a Time


Baby Come Back.

You’ve written, you’ve called, you’ve even stood outside in the rain playing their favorite jams from an oversized speaker. When the same old song and dance fail to show how much you want your customer to return to your business, it’s time to alter your approach and win them back with a strategy determined to bring them back through your door. After all, it’s far less costly to keep customers continually coming back then it is to constantly obtain new clients. Start seeing familiar faces again while driving increased traffic and repeat revenue with the steps below.

Was It Something You Said?

Circumstances change, and the first step to connecting with lapsed customers is to understand their motives for leaving. Perhaps they bought a service because it was being offered at a phenomenal price, but were never very engaged with your business to begin with. It’s possible that they moved out of the area, changed their primary email address, or even had a bad experience in a previous visit. Whatever the reason, consider your tone—remind customers of what they’re missing out on (especially if you’ve made recent upgrades) without sounding accusatory or overly pushy.

Show That You Care, Clearly.

Be persistent, but don’t overwhelm your recipients with information. The top-performing winback emails are crisp and concise, clearly stating in the copy that you’ve noticed that the customer hasn’t visited in awhile and that you’d like to provide an incentive for them to return. Research from Return Path suggests that using the words “miss you” in your subject line had a 13% read rate, and the phrase “come back” had a 12.7% read rate. Such wordplay works in such a way that your message shows that you’ve noticed their absence and are ready to welcome them back with arms wide open.

Roll Out The Red Carpet For Their Return.

Create a sense of FOMO—Fear of Missing Out, with an impossible-to-ignore discount on some of your top performing products or services. Whether you choose to send a claimable coupon or a purchasable offer, the objective is to catch the former consumer’s eye and lead them back into your business for the first of what could potentially amount to multiple return visits. So don’t miss your shot, take into effect all that we’ve covered in the past on what makes a great campaign (image, copy, offer) and apply in due process.


Devin Pangaro & Vanessa Demske
FetchRev Digital Content Team


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