What are some Gift Card Pointers?

Since there isn’t a direct way to create a gift card from our voucher, one thing that you can do is add an appropriate image to the Redeem Info section of your offer. This makes the offer more personalized when the redemption email is sent out and any printing or forwarding of the voucher will look better than just a bunch of redemption text.

Note: The image has to be hosted somewhere. This means that you can’t access one of your images that you have uploaded to your FetchRev account, it has to be an image on a public web page somewhere – like one on a page of your website.   If you have any questions, contact support.
Go to Redeem Info on the lefthand side of your offer
Add the image along with any additional redemption information or links
  • On the left, inside the Redemption Info box, click the icon to insert a photo (top row, second icon from the right)
  • Insert your image’s URL
  • Select Insert

Add the Image – you’re all set on your end!

The pop-up  a customer sees right after a Coupon or Buy Now is redeemed

The EMAIL sent to the customer after a coupon or buy now is redeemed


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