LocBox Expands SAAS Marketing Platform To Help Local Businesses Acquire New Customers Through Facebook Ads & Google Adwords


SAN FRANCISCO, CA​­­ — LocBox is announcing new multi­channel advertising capabilities built exclusively for local businesses with a storefront presence. LocBox is the only p​roduct in its market that combines the power of advanced Marketing Automation with the ability to get new customers using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords ­ all from one universal dashboard.

Unlike simple Yellow Pages placements, successful online advertising is inherently complex and most local businesses struggle with it: according to Facebook, in February of 2015 there were only 2 million small businesses advertising on Facebook (out of 30 million small businesses with active Pages). In order to get new customers via advertising, time­strapped businesses must master c​opywriting and graphic design, A/B testing, audience creation, audience targeting, landing page creation and optimization. They must also have operational knowledge of the underlying platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Add the complexity of integrating online purchasing or coupon redemption, and it is clear that few local businesses have the time, the expertise or the staff to do this effectively.

LocBox’s new advertising solution includes turnkey ad creation, templatized landing pages with embedded purchasing and coupon/voucher options, Facebook News Feed Retargeting, simple reporting and­most importantly­automated audience creation, bid management, budget optimization and conversion optimization­all from one centralized dashboard.

“LocBox works great for me with Facebook and bringing in new customers,” said Kevin Adds, owner of Dallas Karting Complex. “I’ve done a lot of direct Facebook advertising myself but the biggest difference from Day One has been that LocBox is so easy to use. I don’t have to take the time to create and manage my ads or set up an e­commerce site. Instead, LocBox takes care of running my ads and people can buy or claim my offers right then and there ­ it’s a huge time saver.”

Just as importantly, LocBox’s robust Marketing Automation features then help retain these newly acquired customers with retargeting, shopping cart abandonment, and targeted campaigns that run from their website and on Email, Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter from the same central dashboard.

Local businesses looking for a simple, turn­key solution to run all their online marketing and advertising from one place need look no further. LocBox’s addition of Facebook and Google advertising to the existing Marketing Automation platform provides the ultimate solution for generating revenue and acquiring new customers.

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