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The Birthday Drip

Our birthday drip is an automated email campaign that that sends a promotion offer out 45, 30 and 15 days before a consumer’s birthday so that local businesses can reach their patrons at the moments that they are deciding how, and where, to celebrate. 

Book 5 to 15 More Parties

That’s 60 to 180 more parties each year! For each birthday kid you give free admission to, they bring in on average 10 more families for full price. It adds up quickly! 

Buy Now Offers

Our buy now offers allow local business owners to instantly monetize their customer database with promotional offers sent directly to customers’ emails, social media or offered on a website pop-up, where they can make a purchase with a few clicks.

Increase Purchases by 5 Times

Our buy now offers allow your customers to buy again easier. FetchRev merchants see up to a 5 times increase from their current marketing simply by making the switch.

The Website Popup

Place a pop-up on your site where customers can claim a coupon or purchase a buy now offer directly from your homepage with a single click. Later, customers redeem these offers at your business, driving more revenue and foot traffic.

Double Your Online Purchases

Simply by adding our website popup to your website, your customers will be able to buy your offers within 37 seconds. Our customers see double the online purchases with no added effort.
I love the fact that for the Birthday funnel I could simply upload my entire list and forget about it! 

The number of calls from guests calling to use their 20% off coupon is incredible! The templates make everything super easy! 

I can't believe that I could send out emails with pre-designed park specific shells and simply have to drop in a graphic and go. I also love the "copy" feature so I could just "save over" an old campaign and create a new campaign in minutes. 

The notifications feature is great! Every time I get a notification that someone claimed the 20% off coupon, I forward that contact to the call center so we could make a courtesy call and close the deal. 

The FetchRev team is super helpful! Not only do they explain how to work it over the phone, but the've actually sent me custom videos to teach me different things I needed extra help with.

Diane Lebron

Director of Guest Relations at Sky Zone Pinebrook
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Gian Walker - Sky Zone Lancaster

FetchRev is a phenomenal tool to reach your current customer base or potential new customers both efficiently and effectively. FetchRev provides you with the opportunity to design your own campaign, or the option to partner with their in-house designers to produce a targeted, high-end communication piece.

While we have been partnering with FetchRev for almost a year on numerous programs in our park, our main reason for implementing their tool was to generate more birthday bookings/revenue. 

After presenting us with the “birthday funnel” we now have a program in place that touches our customers three times, relative to their birth dates to create a customized, timely communication that offers savings and an instant purchase option. To date, our birthday campaigns have grossed over $5,000.

Justin Coddington - Shenaniganz

FetchRev is a must-have partner for any bowling-based entertainment center or bowling alley.

They are a ‘point & go’ hands-off marketing platform that increases online sales, birthday party bookings, reviews and more. 

The best part is that, unlike a lot of marketing, it provides measurable results, is affordable, and the ROI is incredible.
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If you're here, you probably already know you need to make a change. We want to make it easy for you to make the right choice. 

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