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More Customers Than You Can Handle…
That’s a good problem!

Build a loyal crowd of repeat customers eager to say yes to every offer

Hownd is a new automated promotions platform that effortlessly generates the new and repeat customers local merchants need to grow their business and consistently generate more profitable revenue.

We’re doing it through an elegant and effortless combination of web, social media, email, and the new MyHownd consumer mobile app. And our Pay-Per-Visit billing system when combined with an available zero-risk plan means you only pay when Hownd brings you customers.

Learn more and go live with your first promotion in 5 minutes at hownd.com!

Reach Your Customers Anywhere Online

Focus on Running Your Business

Connect Your Customer List
Set It & Forget It Offers
See Customers Come Back

Our combination of automated marketing software and an in-house creative team is designed to save you and your team time on marketing while still providing record-breaking results.

With every offer you send, you gain back that time to focus on the tasks that really matter to your business and growing it the way you know you can

Invest that time and profit back into your business by choosing an automated solution that is proven to drive results.

5x Increased Revenue

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