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Stop Wasting Time On Marketing Campaigns That Don't Drive a Profit

Because Your Local Business
(& Your Customers) Deserve Better

You can spend hours putting together a marketing campaign for your local business. From strategizing and creating promotional offers to writing of subject lines and social posts, driving foot traffic and generating revenue from your marketing is hard, and it can quickly eat up time that you need to be spending on other things.

That’s where we come in. With our patent-pending software and service, FetchRev targets your customer with relevant, actionable offers and campaigns that are guaranteed to bring more customers, and money, to your business – with zero effort on your end.

A System That Drives Real Results

Send Promotional Offers that Drives New & Return Foot Traffic
Book More Parties with Automated Drip Campaigns
Generate Revenue From Your Website with a Pop-Up
Stand Out From Your Competitors and Win Customers Every Time

What Our Customer Have To Say

Dallas Karting Complex
  • $100,700 Increased Revenue
  • 62.9x Return on Investment
  • 3,000 New Facebook Fans
Elements Laser Spa
  • $163,000 Increased Revenue
  • Over Just 4 Holiday Campaigns

100,700 Increased Revenue

62.9x Return on Investment

3,000 New Facebook Fans

“The quality of customers I’m bringing in with FetchRev are noticeably better than those I get from daily deal sites, and the ‘Buy Now’ button in the offers is a game-changer.”

Kevin, Owner

$163,000 Increased Revenue

Only 4 Holiday Campaigns

After experimenting with a variety of deal sites and marketing products, we found FetchRev. We love being able to drive revenue without mass discounting. 

– Paul, Owner

Copperfield Bowl
  • $7,828 Increased Revenue
  • 83 Birthday Packages Sold
  • 467 Email Addresses Collected
  • 53 Online Purchases
  • 7x Website Conversions
  • 30% Increased Sales

$7,828 Increased Revenue

83 Birthday Packages Sold

467 Email Addresses Collected

“We were in the market for a company that offered a win-win for both us and our customers. We love the plugin, and our customers love how easy it is to redeem and enjoy great offers.”
Kendra Garcia, Dir. of Sales

53 Online Purchases

7X Website Conversions

30% Increase in Sales

“Prior to FetchRev, we were only able to use the tools that were available to us. Traditional newsletter programs have great templates and creators but FetchRev unlocked the potential to reach our customers anywhere they find us online.” 

Melvin Horn, Chief Operations Officer

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More People. More Parties. More Profit.

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