• Rebounderz

    Rebounderz, previously sent out reactivation promotions utilizing Constant Contact, Facebook, and their website but experienced difficulty driving significant traction and tracking purchases/claims. Their promotions were visually appealing, but they were not as actionable as desired, and thus succeeded in reaching only a fraction of their customers. Through FetchRev, they are now able to create easy-to-build offers that are simple for their customers to buy or claim. Click here to download the case study.

  • Kate's Skating Rinks Kate’s Skating Rink

    Since 1961, Kate’s Skating Rink has served the Charlotte area as the premier center for quality family entertainment that doesn’t break the bank. With two locations, they’ve successfully adapted with the passage of time, maintaining their standing within the community as a place where the entire family can go and have fun!

    As owner, Billy Thompson seamlessly blends tradition with an eye toward the marketing strategies of today and tomorrow. Click here to download the case study.

  • A Feel Good Experience Spa

    A Feel Good Experience Spa offers a holistic approach to relaxation and renewal of the mind, body, and skin. Tim is the dynamic, energetic founder focused on providing the ultimate experience for his clients.

    While finding new customers and retaining existing clients is always on top of his mind, running and managing his business doesn’t always allow sufficient time to manage the various channels.

    Compounding his frustration, Tim was tired of investing money and time into marketing solutions that failed to move his company forward. Click here to download the case study.

  • Body Centre Wellness Spa

    The BodyCentre is a place to concentrate on looking and feeling your absolute best inside and out. The BodyCentre specializes in various types of massage therapies, reflexology, detox wraps, facials, microdermabrasion, teeth whitening, and colon hydrotherapy.

    BodyCentre had built a strong presence on Yelp and Facebook, but was looking to strengthen their reputation and grow their business on Google through their Google+ business profile as well as Google Search results and rankings. Click here to download the case study.

  • Cote d’Azur

    Cote d’Azur is a holistic healing center in a spa environment offering natural, organic, indigenous elements from around the world to every treatment from artisan professionals—a one-of-a-kind experience.

    They were looking for a more robust marketing platform that could help scale her business, keep her in contact with her clients, get the right message to the right client (at the right time), and add the ability to sell products on her website. And it had to be easy to use, intuitive, and provide measurable results. Click here to download the case study.

  • The logo of Dallas Karting Complex, a success story of FetchRev Dallas Karting

    Dallas Karting Complex is a popular destination for kids and adults alike to rent and race go-karts, feeling the thrill of racing a car half a foot off the ground at 65 miles per hour.

    DKC had worked with a few daily deal sites in the past and found that splitting the profits with these vendors was not an attractive option. Plus, customers that came in with daily deal coupons were not always a good match for the long-term goals of the business. Click here to download the case study.

  • Elements Laser

    Elements Laser Spa is an award-winning spa in Austin, Texas offering skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and body treatments. They are a very digitally savvy business that had collected thousands of customer emails and had a strong presence on Yelp and Facebook.

    They were open to new marketing solutions, but weren’t actively seeking any. Their biggest frustration with what they were seeing out on the marketing was paying for marketing solutions and services that didn’t provide a good return. Click here to download the case study.

  • Simply Beautiful Medspa

    Simply Beautiful had gone through a number of advertisers and daily deal sites to gain a larger client base. While they had worked well in the beginning, the success of these solutions tapered off. Simply Beautiful not only wanted to reach new customers, but also stay connected with the ones that had already enjoyed her services. Click here to download the case study.

  • 18|8 Men’s Salon

    At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, stylists and barbers are experienced in the art of men’s haircuts/styling, straight-razor shaves, and grooming services. Their mission and vision is to is to help successful men transform themselves to look, feel and perform their best.

    Owner Chris Brown’s top goal—as well as the collective goal of 18|8 salons nationwide—has always been to bring new patrons through the door and foster long-term customer relationships. Click here to download the case study.

  • Sky Zone Sky Zone

    Sky Zone Lancaster came to us as a client in excellent health. With 48,000 emails and 33,000 children’s birthdays already in their database, we knew we were working with a franchise that had the potential for chart-topping results. Click here to download the case study.

  • Victor Bowl

    Featuring 40 lanes, billiard tables, arcade games, and a fully stocked bar and grill, Victor Bowl used FetchRev to acquire 157 brand-new customers. Click here to download the case study.

  • Copperfield Bowl, a success story of FetchRev Copperfield Bowl KBF

    Copperfield Bowl always takes a customer first approach to their business. When they found FetchRev, they were looking for a more effective way to send emails with a customer friendly purchasing platform. They were happy with what they found with FetchRev delivering 467 new customer emails, netting $1,957 in revenue and 83 new birthday party packages. Click here to download the case study.