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Hundreds of family entertainment centers use FetchRev to drive new and return foot traffic year round, book more birthday parties, and easily increase revenue, both in-store and online, with buy now offers and coupons. Trust us to upgrade your family entertainment center marketing.

Market your family entertainment center
Rebounderz, indoor trampoline park
Kate's Skating Rinks
Dallas Karting Complex
Copperfield Bowl
Tilt Studio
Jake's unlimited, a blended family entertainment center

Be The Party Place

Studies show birthday campaigns generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails—and have a 481% higher transaction rate.

Amusement and attractions businesses who use FetchRev see an average of 50% more birthday parties a month.

Keep Your Center Busy Year Round

The average American family goes to family entertainment centers 3 to 5 times per year.

Increase that number by offering buy now offers and coupons that drive people back in your door, year round.

Keep Customers Staying Longer

Customers stay longer at centers that provide free internet access than at centers without internet access. And the longer a customer is in your center, the more money they will spend.

With wifi access points, you can not only provide guests with internet, but also collect important information on in-store customers that you can use to later market to them.

Book More Parties

Send your customers a birthday drip campaign that will follow up weeks before their birthday to make sure your center is the obvious choice. 

Monetize Your Website

Utilize the power of a website pop-up to not only collect customer information, but also turn website visitors into customers with a click of a button.

Drive More Foot Traffic

Send the right offers to the right people at the right time to ensure that you’re regularly driving new and repeat customers back in the door of your business.

Stay Longer, Spend More

Use wifi hotspots to encourage customers to stay longer, spend more money, and refer more people.

Our Family Entertainment Center Marketing Plan

✔ Learn our proven steps to creating an effective family entertainment center marketing strategy! 

✔ How to generate more revenue with your current email list 

✔ How to book more birthday parties 

Discover How Dallas Karting Complex Made 1 Million In Revenue With FetchRev

Dallas Karting Complex Was Looking to Monetize Their Huge Customer List

Dallas Karting Complex owner, Kevin Adds had collected 33,000 customer emails and was looking for a solution to connect with these customers. His biggest goal was to get them to return more often to the track.

In his first four months of working with FetchRev, he saw $100,700 in Increased Revenue, a 62.9x Return on Investment, and 3,000 new Facebook Likes

How Much is The Birthday Drip Worth to You?

FetchRev Customers Book 5 to 15 More Parties Each Month

A single party brings in $ 
I’m currently booking  parties each month
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Revenue With Birthday Drip

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Partners in Your Industry

Roller Skating Association, an FEC organization
International Association of Trampoline Parks
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Be Your Customer’s
First Choice, Every Time.

With FetchRev’s automated family entertainment center marketing solution, your business stays on-the-top of your customer’s mind, so when they’re looking for something to do, they choose to spend their money with you.

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