More Appointments,
More Revenue.

Hundreds of spas, salons and other health and beauty businesses use FetchRev to book more appointments, sell more gift cards, monetize their website, increase revenue, both in-store and online, with buy now offers and coupons. 


Make More Money From Holidays and Birthdays​

Studies show birthday campaigns generate 342% higher revenue than promotional emails—and have a 481% higher transaction rate.

Our Health and Beauty customers see an average of 5 to 15 Gift Card purchases a month

Stop Losing Money To Open Appointment Slots

Your business runs off appointments - the more you have for the day, the more revenue your business makes.

Deliver buy-now offers and coupons via targeted marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time, to sell more services and book more appointments.

Be Your Customer's First Choice, Every Time.

The local health and beauty industry is packed with competition, so standing out is key to succeeding.

Make noise amongst competitors with effective, automated marketing that keeps your business on your customer’s mind.

Sell More Gift Cards

Use date-triggered email campaigns to sell more gift cards and services around customer’s birthdays, holidays, and seasons.

Monetize Your Website

Utilize the power of a website pop-up to not only collect customer information, but also turn website visitors into customers with buy-now offers and coupons.

Book More Appointments

Send the right offers to the right people at the right time to ensure that you’re regularly driving new and repeat customers back in the door of your business.

Stand Out Among Competitors

Easily stand out amongst competitors with effective, automated marketing that keeps your business on the customer’s mind.

Download Our Health & Beauty Marketing Plan

 Learn our three proven steps to creating an effective marketing strategy! 

 How to generate more revenue with your current email list 

 How to book more appointments 

Discover How Elements Laser Spa Made Over $150,000 in Their First 4 Campaigns

Elements Owner, Paul, Was Tired of Solutions Without Return

Paul was open to new marketing solutions, but wasn’t actively seeking any. His biggest frustration with what he was seeing out on the marketing was paying for marketing solutions and services that didn’t provide a good return.

What he saw in 4 campaigns put his frustrations to rest.

$163,000 in Increased Revenue

In Just 4 Holiday Campaigns

Combine FetchRev With Your Current Booking Systems

Spend More Time on Appointments, Not Marketing

With FetchRev’s automated marketing solution, your business stays on-the-top of your customer’s mind, so when they’re looking for something to do, your business is where they choose to spend their money.

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