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Introducing the 3 Marketing Tactics Generating Foot Traffic Your Business Deserves

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Capture Every First Time Visitor

Data collection is pivotal to creating a marketing strategy that works without you or your team on top of it. We’ll show you how to collect data from every first-time visitor as the first step to bringing them back in.

Learn about data collection

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Transform Email List Into Revenue

Is your email list covered in cobwebs collecting dust? If so, you may be leaving thousands on the table each month. 

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Reduce Work With Automation

How much time are you and your team spending on planning, designing, and sending marketing promotions for your center? Imagine what you could do for your business with the extra time by reducing your team’s work. 


Capture Every First-Time Visitor

Ask for Emails, Instead of a Commitment

Often, the people who see your offers may not want to take out their credit card immediately and pay for your offer.

By asking for them to simply raise their hand, you can build your email list and also increase foot traffic to your business. 
If they don’t end up coming in, it’s not all lost. You can have a team member pick up the phone and call your list of hot leads who want your great offer.

Collect Birthdays and Emails on Your Website

Thousands of visitors come to your website every month. Are you giving any of them the opportunity to give their email without purchasing? 

By making it easy to learn more about your center without a big commitment, you can collect more data including email addresses and birthday dates. 
Now you can use your website to build the list you need to increase visitors.

Provide Free Wifi in Exchange for Contact Information

To take your data collection to the next level, install a WiFi Collector inside the walls of your business.

Now when parents are looking to enjoy time on their phone while their kids have fun, you can give them the WiFi they are looking for in exchange for their email addresses and kid’s birthdays.
Now you can bring that family back, simply by giving the mom WiFi.

End Result:  On Average, wifi customers collect more than 3,000 contacts per year.  Some see as many as 9,000 contacts per year.  How much are new contacts worth to you?

Transform Email List Into Revenue​

Send Personalized, Date-Triggered Emails to Each Customer to Book More Events

Birthday parties and group events are huge revenue-generators for local businesses, generating almost 300% more revenue than email campaigns. 

Book more with an automated campaign that sends an email to your customer with an exclusive offer 45, 30, and 15 days before their special day.
Our birthday drip books up to 15 more parties each month for your center without any effort from you.

Make It Easy for Customers to Buy Online, Straight from Your Email Offers

Promotional buy now offers that can be purchased with the click of a button are the most sent campaign by our customers.

Simply by replacing a phone call with a page to pay immediately, customers convert more often. 
On average, FetchRev customers that send buy now offers see a 5 times return on investment. 

Let Visitors Purchase From Your Website Within Less Than a Minute

Potential customers visit your website everyday, but many of them leave within seconds because they can’t find the offers they want. 

By placing a popup on your site, you will be able to catch the attention of your customers within 30 seconds and they can pay right on the spot.
Our customers see up to 20% more conversion simply by adding the pop-up to their current website.

End Result:  More than 250,000 different consumers claimed buy now coupons in 2018 alone

Reduce Your Marketing Work With Automation

See All Your Results in One Spot

Trackable marketing is reliable marketing. 

If you aren’t able to see exactly what is generating results, you’ll never be able to know where your money is going and what to spend more ( or less ) on. 
With every dollar made from FetchRev, you’ll be able to see the revenue clear as day with a single login. 

Gain Access to the Top Templates that Work in Your Industry

With a growing customer base in the thousands, we’ve seen what works for local businesses and what doesn’t. 

Stop reinventing the wheel trying to run a promotion that has already been done hundreds of times. 
We’ve done the work to find what gets real results. Skip the planning and jump straight to revenue. 
You can download a glimpse of our top templates by downloading our template book here

Receive Real Time Feedback from Your Customer Success Representative

Still worried that you won’t have the proper support in making the switch in your marketing? 

Well, it’s time to introduce our rockstar customer success team. Your business will be assigned a success manager who will suggest ideas, create your campaigns, and schedule your offers. 
It’s like having your own in-house marketing team who has overseen the success of hundreds of businesses just like yours. 

End Result:  FetchRev helps over 1,000 Businesses increase revenue & foot traffic

Marketing to All Your New Contacts With Less Effort

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Build a Massive List of Visitors
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Turn Emails into Revenue
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Save Time & Increase Profit
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