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How and When Do I Get Paid With FetchRev?

Your FetchRev account is connected to Stripe, an online payment platform.  You created a Stripe account as part of your initial account on-boarding.

Purchases made through your FetchRev campaigns are processed by Stripe.  Revenue from these purchases are deposited into your account by Stripe as well.

Please note: Our team does not have direct access to your Stripe account.  Due to this, we unable to provide you with information about deposits made into your bank account from Stripe. You may get this information by logging into your Stripe account

You can manage when you get paid (Payment Frequency) in the Account Settings in Stripe.  By default you will get paid on a two day rolling basis after a purchase, but you can change this to weekly, monthly, or even manually triggered payments.

On your very First purchase, your account will have a seven day hold. During this time, Stripe will put a $1 or less into your bank account and then remove this amount. On the eighth day, all purchases made during the seven day hold will be deposited.


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