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How Do I Schedule a Campaign?

To schedule a campaign, choose Edit from the available actions:


and then click on Distribute:


Enter a start date in the future, and select whether you want the campaign to have an end date, or if it should run continuously.


You will generally want to turn on at least one distribution channel for a campaign.  The distribution channels available for a campaign are shown in the Distribute screen.

Channels that are On will be used for the campaign.  Channels that are Off will not be used for the campaign.  Channels that are Disabled are not yet properly configured to use in a campaign.

To turn On/Off a channel, click on the toggle button at the right side.

To activate the campaign, click Review:


Then click on Schedule Campaign:


Once your campaign is scheduled, it’s status will be set to ‘Scheduled’


The campaign will become ‘Active’ once the start date has been reached.

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