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How Do I Issue a Refund in FetchRev?

If a customer calls and needs a refund for a purchase they’ve made, you can refund them in your FetchRev portal. First go to your Customers tab, then look them up via name or email address used for the purchase. When you find the customer you’ll see this screen:



Click on the blue box that shows what the customer purchased and you’ll see this screen:


Click the red ‘Refund’ button. Once you click Refund, a dialog box will pop open confirming that you want the refund to go through. Click “Okay.”


The offer can not be refunded if it’s been marked as redeemed. Once you refund a customer in FetchRev, this action cannot be reversed. The funds will return to your customer’s account in 4-10 business days.

It is also possible to issue a refund through your Stripe account.

Please click this link to the Stripe FAQ for additional information about issuing refunds in Stripe. 



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