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What Are Filtered Lists?

Segmenting your email lists is one of the easiest ways to target a specific group of people. Sometimes, creating offers aimed towards groups (like members, or clients who have already purchased before) is the best way to optimize purchases or claims on a campaign.

FetchRev kicks off your list automation journey by providing you with a few pre-made filtered lists:

Purchasers: When customers purchase an offer, their emails will populate here.

Claimers: Customers who claim a coupon offer will be added to this list.

Reviewers: If a customer reviews your business on Google+ or Yelp, they’ll be added here.

Birthdays: Anyone who has submitted their birthday through the date collector will populate in this category.

Anniversaries: Any customrs who have submitted their anniversary through a date collector will show here.

From FetchRev: New email addresses we’ve collected for you (like through claiming a coupon, offer etc.) that you didn’t import yourself through an existing customer list.


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