How Do I Customize an Availability Template?

Availability templates are an awesome way to let your clients know who is working and when so they can more easily schedule appointments. The Elements locations that currently use availability templates find them wildly helpful, so we’ve put together a quick how-to guide to help you get started on yours!

Customizing your template

The availability template consists of a few key areas.

  • The Header – Holds the Elements Massage logo.
  • Navigation Bar – Contains important links from your unique website.
    • The video above shows how you can add these links and where you pull them from.
  • Appointment Availability – This is where the main content goes. There isn’t any one right way to set up this section, so feel free to have some fun with it.
  • Book Appointment Button – This is also linked directly from your unique website.
  • Special Offers – This section is definitely optional, but if you have any special offers you’d like to advertise, you can embed any¬†active offer here! If you don’t want to showcase any offers, simply delete this section.
  • Schedule an Appointment – Make sure to add your location’s phone number!
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