How Else Can I Utilize FetchRev?

Landing Pages

You can use a campaign as a landing page for a special deal rather than sending it out in bulk via email or social media. You would use this if you wanted to have an offer ready to give to customers individually or if you wanted to place the landing page on another website.You can also add the landing page link to any other ad services that you use (ie Google Ads.)

Example: Your customer has come to your place of business over ten times that month. To show your appreciation, you want to give them 20% off a service the next time they come in. Simply manually send them the link to your offer and they can use it the next time they come in.

In-Store Signup

Tablets are an awesome way to collect emails from clients. For instance, if you create a coupon offer through FetchRev and display it in-store via a tablet, the customers can simply enter their emails to claim the coupon right at the front desk. Their email will be added to your email list without having to send anything out via email or social media!

Facebook Links

On the left side of your business Facebook page, there’s an area where you can Create a Page. Here, you can create a new page titled Specials and post the landing pages to offers that you want customers to see.


You can send a landing page to your account manager at Yelp. They can then incorporate your offer into your Yelp profile page to get more eyes on the deal. You’ll want to use this with an offer that is running for a while, like a New Client Offer or a month-long special.



Google allows you to add campaigns to your Google Pages and have your customers claim the offers directly from Google!




For more ideas on how to utilize FetchRev, reach out to and one of our awesome Customer Experience Managers can help you strategize!


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