How Do I Embed an Offer in a Newsletter?

You can only embed active offers in a newsletter.

Option One

One way to embed an offer is to add the campaign through the editing tool.

  • Make sure the offer you want to include is an active offer.
  • In your newsletter, scroll down and click Add New Row.
  • Select the number of columns you’d like in this row (we suggest one.)
  • Drag Add Campaigns from the column on the left to the new row you created.
  • All of your active offers will populate on the left, choose the one you want to insert.
  • Save!

Option Two

Another way to embed an offer is to hyperlink a graphic – this option is popular because it’s customizable.

  • Ensure your offer is active. 
    • In the Distribute section, make sure the offer has no end date and that you are not sending it out via email or any distribution channel. The offer just needs to be resting in an active state so customers can claim it when they click on the newsletter.
  • Click Copy Campaign Link from the View Results drop down next to your active offer.
  • In your newsletter, select the graphic you’d like to hyperlink.
    • On the left, you’ll see the graphic populate.
    • Click on the image in the box and select the Edit link that pops up in the middle.
    • Add your campaign link in the Link section and Save.
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