How Do I Connect to CenterEdge?

Connecting CenterEdge to the FetchRev Database
    • First, you’ll need to send an email to letting them know to sync it on their end.
    • We’ve provided an email template for you below:
      Email Template:
      Subject line:
      [Your Business Name] wants to connect their CenterEdge account to FetchRev
      I would like to connect my CenterEdge account to FetchRev
      [Your Business Name]
      [Your FetchRev Business ID]

      [Your Business Address]


    • After you’ve sent an email to CenterEdge, log into your FetchRev account and click Settings at the top of the page.
    • On the left side of the page, click Import Customers.
    • Select CenterEdge and click Connect.


      The automated nightly integration transfers the previous 7 days of contacts added to CenterEdge.
      To get the systems synced the first time, please export your CenterEdge customer list to a CSV file and then import it into the “Center Edge” customer list in FetchRev.  (This only needs to be done once – the nightly integration will keep the systems synced going forward.) 
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