How Do I Issue a Refund in FetchRev?

If a customer calls and needs a refund for a purchase they’ve made, you can refund them in your FetchRev portal.

  • Go to your Customers tab.
  • Look them up via name or email address used for the purchase.
  • To the left of to their name, click on the blue box that shows what the customer purchased.
  • In the screen that pops up, click the red Refund button.
  • Once you click Refund, a dialog box will pop open confirming that you want the refund to go through.
  • Click Okay.

The offer can not be refunded if it’s been marked as redeemed. Once you refund a customer in FetchRev, this action cannot be reversed. The funds will return to your customer’s account in 4-10 business days.

It is also possible to issue a refund through your Stripe account.

Click this link to view the Stripe FAQ for additional information about issuing refunds in Stripe.



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