What are Some Newsletter Editor Tips and Tricks?

We know our newsletter editor isn’t perfect and can sometimes be a bit finicky. Here are some killer tips and tricks for you to utilize in order to make the process of creating a newsletter go a little more smoothly.

General Guidelines
  • Image size: Your image size width should be no greater than 540 px. Height does not have limitations. The creator will automatically resize if the image is slightly larger or smaller than 540 pixels.
  • Only use one column, not two or three, for the best aesthetic results.
  • If the editor isn’t populating on the left-hand side, try clearing your browsing data or using another browser.
  • Do not use tinted text. Tinted text can send your newsletter straight into your customer’s spam folder.
  • Offer must be activated before it can be embedded.  

If you’re linking multiple offers, it’s okay choose the two or three column format.

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