How Do I Set Up a Date Collector for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Kids’ birthdays?

FetchRev allows you to set up multiple Date Collector campaigns for your business, each of which can include fields for consumers to enter one or more dates.

  • Click Campaigns in the header
  • Select Create New
  • Click Date Collector from the list of campaign types, then click the Create Date Collector Campaign button.
  • Click on Choose Fields on the left-hand side and then select the fields you’d like to collect.
    • You can choose which dates to include in the form.  Typically the below options work well.
      • Collect a consumer’s birthday and anniversary.
      • Collect a consumer’s birthday and their kids’ birthday.
    • The first date in the form is considered the primary and will be required in order for a consumer to fill out the form.
  • Once you’ve completed your form, click Distribute to choose how the collector should be sent out.
  • Select  Review to see the details of your campaign, and then Schedule Campaign to set a time for it to launch.

Once you’ve started collecting dates, you can configure a date offer to be sent out in advance of the date.


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