What is Smartblast? How Does it Work?

All FetchRev Audience Building and Reputation campaigns make use of our SmartBlast technology to ensure that emails are sent to customers at the best time to get results without causing unsubscribes or spam complaints.


Smart Blast technology is used by the following campaigns

  • Date Collector
  • Facebook Fans
  • Google+
  • Yelp
Can I turn on all Smart Blast campaigns at once?

Yes, we recommend that you turn on all the campaigns at once during your initial setup.  The Smart Blast rules will ensure that the same customer does not receive too many emails too frequently from you.

How does SmartBlast work?

SmartBlast ensures that your customers do not receive too many emails from you, which helps prevent unsubscribes and spam complaints and increases your conversion rates.

Here are the important rules to know about SmartBlast campaigns:

  • Customers can receive no more than one SmartBlast campaign email every 7 days.
  • SmartBlast emails are sent to your customer list over time, rather than all at once when you launch a campaign.  The daily send volumes are:
    • Facebook Fans: Up to 250 customers/ day.
    • Date Collector: Up to 1,000 customers/ day.
    • Google+: Up to 100 customers/ day.
    • Yelp: Up to 100 customers/ day.
  • Customers who complete the requested action in a campaign (Like your Facebook page, write a Google+ review, submit a birthday, etc.) will not receive that campaign again.
  • Customers who receive an email and do not complete the requested action will receive the campaign again, but no sooner than 90 days after the previous email.
Does SmartBlast affect the delivery of other campaigns?

If you turn on the email channel for a Buy Now, Coupon, or Newsletter campaign, then all selected customers for the campaign will receive an email immediately when the campaign launches, regardless of whether they recently received an email from another campaign of any type.

Each time a customer receives an email for a Buy Now, Coupon, or Newsletter campaign, however, they become ineligible to receive another SmartBlast campaign for at least 7 days.

In short, you may send out Buy Now, Coupon and Newsletter campaigns to customers as frequently as you wish, but an individual customer will receive SmartBlast emails at most once every 7 days.

Does SmartBlast pay attention to event-based emails?

Yes.  If a customer receives an event-based email, then they will not receive another SmartBlast email for at least 7 days, and they will not receive the same campaign for at least 90 days.

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