Why Should I Have a Plugin?

It’s a way to capture and convert new customers

If a potential new customer is on your website looking for your store hours or location, they’ll see the deals on your plugin the moment they navigate to your site. We recommend having your intro offer set as the first offer on your plugin carousel to attract the most attention from new customers.

It attracts existing customers

Often times, existing customers don’t like going to third-party vendors like Groupon to search for deals from your business. If your offer is sitting on your website’s plugin, it can be more convenient for existing customers to type in your website and buy directly from your homepage!

It’s the most efficient way to capture customer info throughout the year

Setting up a birthday or anniversary collector on your plugin makes it easy for new and current customers to provide their personal information. If they can easily submit their birthday or email, then you can quickly grow your customer list and add more touch points to your offers.


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