Will My Website Support the FetchRev Website Plugin?

In order for a website to have the FetchRev website plugin, you must be able to add Javascript which refers to external websites, such as:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”SOME URL HERE”></script>

Unsupported website tools

The following are a list of website tools which don’t allow this type of Javascript to be added to pages, and thus don’t support the FetchRev website plugin:

  • GoDaddy Website Builder
    • NOTE:  Wordpress and other content management systems hosted on GoDaddy will work
    • GoDaddy v7 will support the plugin, but current versions will not. GoDaddy will add this feature before the end of 2017 so you can add custom HTML to your website.
  • SpaBoom
  • VistaPrint
  • Hibu

Website tools with limited support

The following website tools support the FetchRev website plugin, but with certain restrictions.  Please contact FetchRev support if you’d like to get a plugin installed on one of these websites.

  • Wix (Sticky header/footer only, desktop format only)

If your website builder is not in the list, then the FetchRev plugin should be installable and fully-functional.

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