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How and Why Do I Redeem Vouchers in FetchRev?

When a customer visits your business to redeem a FetchRev offer, here is the fastest and best way to redeem the voucher.

How to Launch the Redemption App

When using a mobile app you must enter a 5-character code which can be found by selecting Settings/Redemption Info from the upper-right menu in the web app. (If you don’t have your access code, you can email support@fetchrev.com)

How to Use the Redemption App

To find a customer’s voucher, you can enter

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Confirmation code

The app will show all matching customers for your search, their purchased/claimed offers, and whether they have been redeemed.


You may click UNREDEEM if you accidentally redeem the wrong voucher code.

Why Redeem Vouchers?

  • Prevent reuse of the same voucher code multiple times
  • Get a more accurate report of the performance of your campaigns
  • FetchRev automatically sends your Google+ and Yelp campaigns a few hours after redemption, when customer are most likely to write a review and help improve your online reputation.

Even if you use your own voucher codes in Locbox campaigns, we still recommend to mark offers as redeemed to ensure that your reputation campaigns will be sent and your data is as accurate as possible.

Note: All refunds need to handled within your FetchRev Dashboard/Administration Area.  For more information on Refunds, please see How Do I Issue a Refund?


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