Terms & Conditions for FetchRev Customer Referral Program

  1. Customer Referral Program. Upon submission of each lead (or “Referral”) the following terms and conditions apply. FetchRev will contact customer referral lead at the earliest available time with the intention of educating the referral on FetchRev product(s).  FetchRev assumes no responsibility for compensation to FetchRev Customer Referrer or any other obligations under these Terms & Conditions until FetchRev provides such confirmation via email upon close of the referrals sale.

  2. Referred Lead.

    1. A “Referral” occurs if all of the following conditions are met:

      1. FetchRev enters into a definitive agreement to provide the FetchRev Offerings to a referred consumer not otherwise excluded under subsection 2(b). below (“Referred Customer“);

      2. FetchRev Customer Referrer registered the referred consumer using FetchRev’s customary process prior to the execution of the Customer Agreement or close of the referred consumers sale.

      3. As of the date of the Customer Agreement, FetchRev Customer Referral Program was designated in FetchRev’s internal systems as FIRST referring person of the Referred Customer based on date & time.

      4. FetchRev Customer Referrer is actively paying FetchRev a monthly recurring fee for at least (1) One Product at the time of Customer Referral payment. (Section 3)  

      5. The Referred Customer agrees to pay FetchRev a monthly recurring fee for at least (1) One Product covered in the current Customer Agreement.

      6. The Referred Customer continues the subscription as set forth in the Customer Agreement for a minimum of 90 days from the date of initial purchase.

    2. Exclusions. A Referred Customer shall not include any party who does not meet each of the following criteria: (a) whose contact information is NOT already within FetchRev’s customer database(s) and has been in an active sales process with FetchRev within the last 12 months, (b) with whom FetchRev does not enter into a Customer Agreement within (120) days of FetchRev’s receipt of a FetchRev Customer Referral for any reason, (c) for which FetchRev Customer Referrer is receiving compensation from FetchRev through any other FetchRev referral or partner program, and, (d) that is a current FetchRev Customer Referrer (or any of its affiliates). FetchRev, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines whether and when a valid Referral has occurred.

  3. Referral Fees; Payment.

    1. The following shall only apply to Referred Customers entered into FetchRev’s internal systems on or before January 15, 2019:

    2. FetchRev may in its sole discretion elect to pay FetchRev Customer Referrer a one-time $100.00 Customer Referral fee for qualified referral opportunities that appear in FetchRev’s internal sales system as accepted by the FetchRev sales representative and for which a product demonstration has been given by FetchRev. Should FetchRev choose to pay the Customer Referral Fee, it will do so during the calendar month following the completion of the Referred’s Customer Agreement. For clarity, the Customer Referral Fee, if approved by FetchRev, is payable for opportunities not yet constituting a Referred Customer, independently of whether the same become Referrals as defined above.

      1. FetchRev will pay Customer Referrer a one-time payment in the form of a gift card or account credit of $100 for each executed Customer Agreement for a Referred Customer associated with the FetchRev Customer Referrer (an “Initial Referral Fee”).

      2. In addition, FetchRev may opt to pay FetchRev Customer Referral “bonus” monies or gifts at will but without guarantee.

      3. The following shall apply to all Referred Customers entered into FetchRev’s internal systems after January 15, 2019:

4. Exclusions. At this time, gift card payments are limited to the countries of 1) United States of America 2) Canada and 3) Australia. Successful referrals where the Referee does not hold residence in one of the above qualifying countries will be rewarded via check or wire transfer in agreement to these program terms & conditions.

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